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well, after trying to drop to sleep again at 5am...

couldn't fall asleep til some time after 6 :'D

i was thinking 'great i'm not going to get any sleep--'

next thing i know, it's 9:30am

oops. thankfully dad was relaxed and in no rush about today haha... anyway, so after putting some effort into detangling my mess of hair, we departed!

fucking hell, the people who put road signs down need to think more. WE KEPT SCREWING UP AND GETTING ON WRONG ROADS /FLIPS TABLE

even going back home.


in any case

we were hungry as hell so we went to this place dad heard about on tv, which is 30-40 minutes further east from elizabeth city @_@... but oh, german sausages. made like the real stuff.

they had a sample deal where you could try all 5 different sausages they have for a lower price, which we did.

was good.

the first three, anyway. other two were... spicy. even dad preferred the non-spicy ones hahaha wow

we bought a pack of one to bring home /o/ apple bratwurst! yes, apple. it's such a minor hint of that sweetness, we loved it. once happy and full, we went back to elizabeth city.

unfortunately, it was close to 5pm by then, and the downtown area was pretty dead. the weather, being overcast and drizzly, didn't help. we still walked around a little, dad got to talk to one real estate guy about stuff.

and iiiiii got to peek into the local hobby shop :3

it's closed mondays but gasp, the owner stopped by for one customer's order or something. i was like 'dad stop let me go loooooook'


to the point: VANGAADO, USO JA NAI ZE!

they had set 4/6/8 & several different trial decks all english version

guy says on saturdays the crowd varies, but can be as small as 8 players to 15


i pretty much clung to dad and said 'wehavetomovehereokay' :'D

i bought one pack >3< decided set 8 since i had too much of 4(JP) already... sorry ren haha. (cards pulled: whale supply fleet kairin maru, fighting saucer, savage war chief, four leaf fairy, and my rare: just a plain ol' R, enigman cyclone. bah, dimension police.) while i'm at it i must say that the booster's image is weird. aichi all srs and glory maelstrom behind him. poster char for vanguard yes yes i know but LEOOOOOON not aichi with any maelstrom!! XD

but after that we just left because there was nothing at this time of day...

and got lost again. haa.

i requested dairy queen blizzards before we got home though. >3<

the special of the month is--oooh, smores!! yes!

was delish. /licks lips

sausage fest.
sausage fest over!
peanut butter pie, they say. cookie crust. WAS GOOOOOD. let dad have last bite. :3
pizza... hot dogs?

some museum in city, really neat looking building. was closed today so we couldn't check it out :(
ADORABLE BLUE ROOF BUILDING I WANT IT (spoiler: it's condemned. i cry.)

water water everywhere~

Date: 2013-06-04 07:47 am (UTC)
falkner: photoshoot picture of Sakurai Sho from Arashi (無双 ☆ peacefulness)
From: [personal profile] falkner
Are you looking to move? :o

That food looks good >> now I'm hungry ww /hadn't had breakfast But I think we actually have some sausages... maybe for lunch... eheh...

So jealous you can buy Vanguard cards in shops there, I wish somebody in Europe just freakin' picked up Bushiroad products.

You should have posted a picture of yourself, too u3u

Date: 2013-06-04 11:43 pm (UTC)
falkner: photoshoot picture of Sakurai Sho from Arashi (仮面ライダー ☆ waifu material)
From: [personal profile] falkner
Aa, that's so nice of him! Then I hope you manage to find a new house, you deserve all the good things you can get ♥

La Signora wants to move, too, because even though our rent is high, this apartment sucks under every aspect (to the point of hindering our health), but I hate moving and I really don't want to...


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